Arrayed CRISPR libraries for high-throughput functional genomicss

Using synthetic crRNA to screen in a one-gene-per-well format

The use of CRISPR libraries containing algorithm-designed synthetic crRNAs improves the likelihood of functional gene knockout and can be very easy to deliver with standard transfection methods. By performing the crRNA screen in an arrayed, one-gene-per-well format, the types of assays that can be used are nearly limitless! For example, high-content assays can explore complex phenotypes including intracellular localization and cellular morphology. In this webinar, we will show you how to be successful with an arrayed crRNA screen and we’ll show you the types of assays that have been used so far. We will also share results from our high-content arrayed crRNA screen and review screening results from recent publications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Benefits of performing arrayed CRISPR RNA (crRNA) screening
  • How to setup a successful arrayed crRNA screen
  • Examples of functional analysis assays for arrayed screening
  • Results from a multiparametric high-content screen

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