Elimination of core fucose on the Fc N-glycan of antibodies is known to enhance antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) activity by immune effector cells by increasing antibody binding to the FcgRIIIa receptor present on effector cells.

Benefit from producing afucosylated antibodies to:
  • Increase therapeutic efficacy of antibodies specifically used in oncology, and also for infectious and autoimmune conditions
  • Improve drug potency, expand the therapeutic window and reduce dosage requirements
  • Potentially reduce undesirable side effects from therapeutic antibody treatments
Why use CHOSOURCE CHO-K1 ADCC+ Cell Line from Horizon?
  • Proven track record with existing CHOSOURCE CHO-K1 GS KO cell line
  • Over 100+ licenses and multiple regulatory filings worldwide
  • Adaptable platform - can be successfully used with:
  • Various vector systems
  • Multiple media and processes
  • Non-royalty bearing with no license tie-ins to specific vendors, technologies, or service providers
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