Beyond GS: The future of biomanufacturing

If you would like to modify and improve your CHO host, contact us to access the high quality annotated sequence of our GS knockout CHO K1 cell line ahead of the release on Ensembl.

Over the past 30 years, the pharmaceutical industry has substantively redesigned every part of the bioproduction process, considerably improving productivity. However, in this time the CHO cell itself, arguably the greatest potential source of efficiency improvements, remains largely unchanged.

There has been increasing interest in improving productivity through cell-line innovation since the emergence of gene-editing tools such as CRISPR, but the quality of the previous sequence together with licensing terms that often restrict modification of the cells has meant that progress in cell-line improvement has been slow.

Horizon has released the sequence of our manufacturing ready GS knockout CHO K1 cell line. Together with licensing terms that allow modification of these cells, we are driving innovation in this area of Bioproduction.

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